Full Year

Our full year program starts Sept. 28th and runs until mid August 2016.  Included in this program is a Bolton Pole Vault uniform and registration with Athletics Ontario.  Athletes registered in the full year program will have access to two jumping sessions and one conditioning session per week.  The full year program will cover three competition seasons: Indoor (Dec. thru March), OFSAA (May and June) and Outdoor (June thru August).  Access to facilities, coaching, and use of the club's equipment at competitions is included in the fees.  Meet entry fees are not included in membership fees.


The indoor program runs from Sept. 28th until mid-March.  It includes Athletics Ontario registration, uniform, coaching, equipment and facility access.  The indoor competition schedule includes meets from mid December until mid March.  Meet entry fees are not included in membership fees.


Our OFSAA program is geared towards the high school season.  Membership in Athletics Ontario and a club uniform are not included, as the OFSAA program is designed for those athletes who are competing in High School meets for their school.


Our Outdoor program commences at the completion of our indoor program.  It is a continuation of the Indoor schedule, starting mid March and carrying through until mid-August.  It includes Athletics Ontario membership and a Bolton Pole Vault uniform. 

 All of our programs will be pro-rated for late registrants.